Over Ons

Wij zijn Testaccio, een jong bedrijf uit Nederland. Ons verhaal kan geboren worden van de behoefte van onze oprichter om een goede kwaliteit en smakelijke olijfolie te vinden.

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On a trip he bought two different EVOO brands from Greece, and even though they were not top quality, they tested better than anything he had tried before.
After that experience we started to search for the best EVOO we could find, but there was none in the Netherlands, so our quest led us to Greece where a world of flavours, smells and textures opened to us.
You might wonder why we ask for private labelling not being a company of a long history.
The answer is simple, we know the market and the customers. Many researches indicate that Olive Oil is not the Dutch’s first choice at the time of buying an oil.
But we are also aware that they like good quality products made from the best raw matter besides feeling familiar with it. They like labels they can understand, read and trust. That's the reason why we want our own label or a potential collaboration.
It's not unfamiliar to us that Dutch is a tough market but we know what they want. It may take time, however, Testaccio being, as we like to call it, a work in progress, has the time and resources to let the olive oil from Greece become the number
one oil in The Netherlands. What's more, we have the knowledge on how to make them fall in love with Greek olive oil.